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Dec 17, 2012 6:00am PST
children. i don't need them to be trained to kill with guns. >> stephanie: it is the republicans like louis gohmert that have been bashing teachers for how long. so now they need to be navy seals on top of -- >> on top of buying books and pencils. >> on lower pay every year. >> which is not their job. >> god, there are so many morons in this country. >> stephanie: i have to say as i just -- when i opened up i said i'm hopeful. there is not a human being alive that can listen to a story about a 6-year-old, several of them being shot by an assault rifle several times at close range and wonder what that looks like. what that parent had to -- what that looked like. >> nothing happened. >> after what happened after columbine. nothing changed. >> stephanie: i just -- even -- the most fervent gun person, do you not think -- you can look anywhere and get the statistics. gun deaths by country, in one year, guns murdered 17 people in finland. 35 in australia. 39 in england and wales. 200 in canada. 9,484 in the united states. you don't think the people think we're insane in this country? >> 9,0
Dec 19, 2012 6:00am PST
, now they want them to be navy seals on top of teaching i guess. taxpayer money for that. >> less money and more responsibility. and they're already buying supplies for their students because the schools don't have the budget for that, i guess. thanks to people like rick scott. >> stephanie: we talked about these six teachers, made the ultimate sacrifice for the kids. okay. another silver lining we were saying. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] again, we can't get rid of the first amendment. we can't get rid of the second amendment. however, there are things that might help. this is voluntary discovery channel. american guns canceled. as hollywood wrestles with links to gun violence. part of what we've been talking about. we all have to put our sacred cows on the table and look at them. discovery channel's popular -- that's, by the way canceling a hit show? that takes -- that you don't have to hear about. it is about a family of gunmakers, american guns came under intense scrutiny in the wake of the massacre in connecticut. people who were flooding the show's facebook page calling
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2